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Starting in 2012, NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC), under the sponsorship of Office of Naval Research (ONR) and ONR Global, has formed NATO Engineering Support Team (NEST) for SAUC-E. The objectives of the team are: to help raise the SAUC-E competition to the next level to go beyond the state of the art in AUV technology, Subject Matter Experts (SME) to provide additional guidance the students in the design of the AUVs that can perform well in realistic environments, encourage collaboration among teams and help the teams to spend their limited budgets wisely.
NEST hopes to achieve these objectives by setting up an online forum/wiki site where the teams can collaborate, share code, and post issues/solutions; purchase the AUV components for the Hardware Library that the competitors can loan; write documents especially addressing the challenges of SAUC-E environment; and provide email, phone, and on-site support to the teams. This will hopefully result in improved SAUC-E competitors AUVs, increased students' interest in the competition, loaned sensors‟ integration software and data from in-water tests posted on the collaborative web page and be available to all the competitors. NEST is open to suggestions from organizations interested in becoming actively involved in SAUC-E. NEST encourages, and will advise the judges to award, multidisciplinary background of team members. Underwater robotics needs multidisciplinary from various engineering domains (mechanical, naval architecture, control engineering, communication, etc.). NEST discourages the advisors (professors) to be quite active in preparing the particular tasks during the competition and will advise the judges to penalize such actions.

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